The WallGuide: Innovative and easy to use. Technical
As one option you can start at Checkpoint Charlie. Collection

The official self-guided Berlin Wall tour!

The WallGuide is the first GPS-integrated tour tracing the path of the former Berlin Wall and giving a vivid insight into the Wall's history at key geographical locations. The explanations are all eminently accessible - ensuring a fascinating tour for all ages.

The WallGuide, on offer in English and German since 1 May 2008, is the official guide licensed by the Berlin Senate authorities. The WallGuide uses the latest multimedia technologies to combine authentic images, and historical film and sound clips to open an exciting window on the fate of this once divided city. The tour includes 22 points of interest, with stops at the five key locations in the Wall's history.

- GPS for pedestrians and cyclists: your own personal walking map

- A wealth of details on the historical and political background

- Expert and eyewitness interviews

- Historical photos, film clips and audio recordings, some of them published for the first time

- Customisable tour